After 18 years as a banker with an international British Bank, Jo Wong began her journey as an artist in early 2003, following five years committed to mothering her sons during their early childhood. Starting off with Chinese brush painting, she found herself drawn to plein-air (on-location) painting.

The following years saw her attending a succession of painting workshops in various countries with local master, Ong Kim Seng and other foreign masters like Stephen Quiller, John Yardley, Alvaro Castagnet and Joseph Zbukvik.

Subsequently, she participated in several group exhibitions and had a successful debut solo in February 2011 and a couple of solo shows for charity.

Throughout this journey, Jo also found time to follow her other passion of writing and illustrating books for children. She completed her maiden illustrated children’s novel, Squeaky … he is more than a squirrel … in 2005, and followed up with the sequel, Squeaky Is Gone! in 2007 and in 2010, she released the third instalment of the series, Squeaky’s Choice.

In 2009, she added to her literary oeuvre with ten fully illustrated books for early readers. In 2011, she launched her fourth book in the Squeaky series, Squeaky’s Dilemma.

Collected by National Parks Board, her works are also in the homes and offices of many people from all walks of life. Her affinity with nature and heritage subjects are passionately expressed on the canvas, rendered in rich detail and lovingly composed to create paintings that immerse the viewer in the scene presented. Her training with masters shows in her impeccable technique and therefore photographs of her work do little justice to her actual art pieces.

Her strength is not only in capturing the very essence of a scene, but the atmosphere and unique perspective that bring one right onto location, painting with her.

In 2011 Jo established her own private studio & gallery, Jo’s Creations, where she could further pursue her deep passion for painting and writing.


Jo's CV

How it all started …
Started Chinese Brush painting in 2003.
Joined Ong Kim Seng’s outdoor painting group from 2003 till 2019.
Joined Wee Shoo Leong’s oil painting group from 2004 till 2009.

Painting Workshops attended:
With Ong Kim Seng:
2004 - Batam, Indonesia
2005 - Ancient water villages of Wuzhen, Tong Li and Xi Tang of Shanghai, China
2006 - Bali, Indonesia
2012 – Nepal
2013 – Myanmar
2019 – Laos

2004 – Tuscany, Italy with Steven Quiller
2014 – Dedham, England with John Yardley
2017 - Singapore with Alvaro Castagnet
2018 - Zhujiajiao, China with Joseph Zbukvik

Participated in Group Exhibitions:
2006 – Dedication to Watercolor at SMU
2008 - Tribute to the Gardens at Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens
2011 – Musings of The Fullerton Heritage & Joint Exhibition at White Canvas Gallery
2012 – Gardens of Inspiration at Halia, Singapore Botanic Gardens
2013 – Joint Exhibition with Annie Lee during The Design Society’s festival at Jo’s Creations
2018 – Travels with my teacher at Art Commune Gallery

Solo Exhibitions & Charity Shows:
2011 - Romancing with Nature, debut solo exhibition at White Canvas Gallery
2012 – Charity Show at Jo’s Creations in aid of Infant Jesus Homes & Children’s Centres
2016 – Charity Show at Jo’s Creations in aid of Assisi Hospice
2017 – Launched a booklet & had a solo exhibition on the Streets of Tiong Bahru at Jo’s Creations

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